"The Chief Mourner and the last drops" : first stone lithograph by Matthew Couper

Koméla is proud to announce the release of its latest edition : "The Chief Mourner and the last drops", an original lithograph made by Matthew Couper.

New Zelander living in Las Vegas, Matthew Couper compares in this anachronistic allegory the ancestral esoteric rites of South Pacific to the current ecological and industrial disasters of the west coast of the United States. Typical character from the Society Islands, the Chief Mourner is the one who leads grieving at a funeral. With his mask and all his attributes, he presides here at the funeral of the Lake Mead. The print is a 2-colour original (on stone) lithograph made at the renowned lithography studio Idem Paris during Matthew Couper residency. It is an edition of 40 copies, 57 x 76 cm. The artwork is available on Koméla's website : www.editionskomela.com/chiefmourner.

You will find pictures and videos of the process, and all the information about the edition.