Koméla : News & Projects

Dear collectors, dear friends,

These are the last days of the Koméla exhibition in the lounge of La Palme d'Or, two Michelin star restaurant of the chef Christian Sinicropi, at hotel Martinez Grand Hyatt in Cannes. There are limited editions as well as original works by four artists : Alëxone Dizac, Ilk, Popay de Ayguavives and Steph Cop. The exhibition is visible every day until 22 august.

The painting "The Chief Mourner and the last drops" by the artist Matthew Couper has been selected as a finalist in the 26th Annual Wallace Art Awards in New Zealand. The painting is based on the recent lithograph published by Koméla and printed at Idem Paris. We are very proud to be associated with this success ! Congrats Matt ! Matthew Couper also exhibits, from 23 august, 7 recent paintings for the exhibition " Zoocryptage " at the Musée/Crypte Sainte-Eugénie, in Biarritz.

We are currently preparing a solo show of the artist Julien Cadou, aka Earl. For the first time, a substantial selection of recent works will be exhibited, revealing different techniques and supports. We will of course find ceramic sculptures, some in formats a little more imposing than usual.

The first book of Steph Cop is finally in preparation : a complete monograph of 10 years of sculpture ! So to follow...