New Edition : Bronze Sculpture by Steph Cop

The stoicism shown by the column ensures its condition of guardian of the temple, of the protective representative of those black mountains whose heart jealously preserves the soul of ARO.

Saving a complete part of the tree allows to immortalize this raw and natural memory of time, of another time, from many lives ago. Seeing this almost intact trunk from above, in cross-section, the recollections of this history inevitably appear, the rings of the wood which confess to us the secrets of the past centuries. The column grants the anamnesis of the ARO which finally recovers the knowledge of its previous existences.

The bronze column, Columnae Ad Perpendiculum Erectus, is the replica of one of the studies preparing the colossal project 8.0. This sculpture with a nuanced brown patina is an edition of 8 numbered copies, marked with the stamps of the artist Steph Cop, the art founder Rosini and the publisher Koméla.