New Edition : Mekachina by Yomek

Native to New Mexico and Arizona, kachinas are, in the Hopi and Zuñis Indians' mythology, spirits that carried children off of settled peoples every year.

To protect their families, the natives took advantage of many annual celebrations to embody these spirits by representing them with masks and hieratic dances so that the latter no longer need to visit them and above all they would stay in the afterlife.

Thereafter, the dancers themselves were represented by painted wooden dolls which were, at the end of the celebrations, given to the children. Their theatrical role ensured the cultural transmission and the taming of the spirits. Captivated by the attractive beauty and emotional charge of these Amerindian statuettes, Yomek began creating, more than 150 years later, his own kachinas, contemporary effigies of the toy world spirits.

This resin edition, composed of 14 sculpted pieces, carved and hand painted by the artist, is produced in 8 numbered and signed copies, with the traditional colors of the Kachina Pahik Ala.